Coming into existence


In the past year, several events prompted me to capture my thought processes or conclusions in a private journal. The act of writing down my challenges, frustrations, and open questions really helped me gain clarity. The process was very purposeful, mapping the conceptual jumbles in my mind into concrete words. My biggest gain was that I framed my problems and viewed them from specific angles. It was one method of problem solving, breaking down a larger problem into smaller, more consumable chunks.

Other times though, writing was just a method of recording my brainstormings and ramblings. A private journal is not of its essence without the emotions, learnings, and reflections—marking moments in life.

I often jotted my thoughts informally on my iPhone. It was a challenge because it forced me to be quick and concise. Otherwise my thoughts would flow faster than my type-tapping and I would risk losing my train of thought altogether.

During one of these iPhone sessions, it wasn’t much of a stretch to think, “Since I’m already journaling, why not make a subset of posts public?” I would just need to polish up the quality. And so I toyed with the idea of starting a blog.


My main hesitation was that there’s already a lot of content on the internet, and I am no more or less interesting than anyone else. What am I to offer with my little knowledge and limited experiences?

I am also very self-conscious about my writing. It’s definitely a weak spot, and it takes me an abysmally long time to write anything over a page in length. This reasoning quickly turned the problem into an opportunity. If I kept a blog, I would gradually improve. Whether I revised or not, each entry would be practice in itself. What more, blogging would obviously promote thinking, for if I’m to write about something, I will have explored the idea.

I also don’t have an online presence. I’ve purchased the domain for almost four years and have done nothing with it. It’s about time I put it to use. Once I put up a blog, I will sooner or later need to create an “About Me” page, which is something I should’ve done back in college. I will comfort myself in this case with the excuse, “Better late than never.”

Lastly, time flies. Keeping a blog will be like building a continuous time capsule of myself. If nothing else, it’ll be an entertainment source for me when I look back at this and say, “Ah, I was 24 when I debated the pros and cons of starting a blog.”


The blog’s focus is definitely nebulous, but it will get its shape over time. All I know now is that the topic of personal growth is endlessly interesting.

I’m excited. This is the start of something new. I can’t wait to find my voice.


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