New theme

Yay! Finally got around to creating a custom theme.

Unfortunately, it’s been a long while since I’ve worked on a personal site. I miss the joy and process of it immensely. Total throwback to my years of age 12–14 when I first started creating websites. So fulfilling to design from scratch and to build it :D

The style is in imitation of my resume. I figured it’d be nice to have a cohesive presentation of myself. Okay, mix in additional reasons of time-constraint and laziness toward customizing WordPress themes. Anyway, the major difference between this theme and my resume is the font choice. I didn’t want to encode the font (for reasons that shall remain unwritten). I managed to find a similar-enough font on Google, titled Rosarivo. The biggest challenge creating this theme was that the font came only in normal and italic styles. The second biggest challenge was that I limited myself to a few shades of grey to imitate black & white printing on paper. As a result, I had some trouble creating the visual hierarchy. I mostly resorted to varying the font sizes in place of bolding. I’m probably on the upper bounds of using too many sizes.

I still have much unfinished work. At this time of writing, things to do (in priority order) include:

  1. styling for a mobile-friendly version
  2. about page
  3. navigational context (when viewing categories, tags)
  4. browsing posts
  5. searching posts

Items 4 and 5 are not important yet as this blog’s quite new and I’m not an avid blogger. I look forward to completing the items above, but progress will definitely be slow. I currently have little time for anything else between work, social calendar, reading, and training for a 5k (I have one in three weeks, and I couldn’t even run a mile last week when I signed up (though I ran 1.2 miles nonstop today!)). Everything goes down to efficiency. Not even medical technology that increases our longevity would solve the problem. Even if achieved, it would just scale our problem by a coefficient. I’m sure there would always be more stuff to do but never enough time.


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