Writing Practice

Well that was humiliating.

I just attended a writing practice meetup where everyone spends the first few minutes generating prompts. Then we randomly pick one and respond to it within ten minutes. We go around the table and read off what we each wrote, but we don’t discuss. We just listen.

Writing is not my forte. I can barely figure out what I want to write about in those ten minutes, much less produce something of readable quality. To my ears, everyone scribbled off pages of  lyrical prose imbued with hard-hitting insight or wondrous humor while I choked out clunky sentences that barely strung into a single paragraph.

Why would I willingly sign myself up for such torture? Well, I think it’s important to put myself through uncomfortable situations. I definitely wanted to cringe and hide every time I had to read aloud my work, but it’s so worth it after the fact. I enjoyed listening to everyone else’s pieces. Their work was inspiring. And most of all, I met some very interesting people. I now have mentors for writing and photography.


  1. Star says:

    Based on your blog prose I’m sure your writing was excellent. Lack of confidence often comes with vulnerability, which actually makes you a better writer. So it’s a good sign you were nervous!

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